What is going to happen in 2012

January 19, 2011

Could this be a beginning to an ending or an ending toward a new beginning? Article I In today’s society we are now drawn to a moment in time where people are more concerned about the media and television, instead of basic life survival techniques. The media talks about every day events, such as wars and rumors of wars, and ongoing crime. Many of us are experiencing some form of mood swings. Of course it’s natural to have mood swings, but what is about to happen to us in 2012 will be far greater than any human experience ever captured in clear view on the face of this planet. My topic on this phenomenon comes from within. (As Within, So Without) What I’m referring to is my own thoughts and intuition. Time and time again, we have evolved from one place to another. Science is now on the edge of discovering the truth about metaphysics in relationship to the planets. They are basically connecting the dots and putting two and two together. Beginning with this ongoing topic, let’s start with the planets. What is going on in the universe right now, starting with the sun. We have all heard of this brilliant globe of light, rising on the eastern horizon and setting in the west with unerring regularity, called the sun. This sole sustainer of terrestrial life undergoes constant fusion reaction on its surface, as per modern science in which two atoms of hydrogen fuse together to form one atom of helium and in the process an incredible amount of energy is released. The latest scientific developments have enabled man to pursue his search for extra-solar planets. To the best of my knowledge several have been discovered so far but without any confirmation of life being present. These studies further emphasize the uniqueness of our sun-earth relationship which is apparently about to change. This change that’s going to happen will be so sudden, the human eye will not be able to notice. A great deal of our ancients’ attention was focused on the Sun who well recognized its central position in our solar system and also the fact that many such suns are scattered across various galaxies. All existing in our galaxy will undergo sudden change these and many more. Article II There is much controversy concerning this subject. We are going to give some suggestions both positive and negative, just to name a few. Positive views:

  1. There will be a change of consciousness, or a better spiritual state, which will happen to everyone.
  2. There will be a change in consciousness, or a better spiritual state, for those who are prepared.
  3. There will be a change in consciousness, of a better spiritual state, for those who believe in … (whatever or whomever).

Negative views:

  1. The world will come to an end (so they say).
  2. There will be disasters, from floods to solar flares, to killer planets, and those who are prepared will survive.
  3. There will be a disasters, as stated above, and only those who believe in religion ideologies will survive.
  4. And then there are some who just will say, “Nothing will happen:” or “Nothing out of the ordinary will happen.”

Over time many events, both natural and man-made, have occurred in many different places. Awe-inspiring, horrific, miraculous, tragic or sublime – humans have lived and died through them all. 2012 could be no less, or no more, than any other year in history. The powers behind all, as these may vary. Extraterrestrials – some believing, some not The universe – Gods, Goddesses, Messengers, Angels, and The DIVINE Gaia – nature or earth Humans – some working for good, some working for evil, some working for a global new order or working as part of a global conspiracy A combination of any of the above. Making sense: How can we make sense of this? Each different theory or combination of theories will make more sense to different individuals depending on their culture, their personality, their genetics, their upbringing, their life experiences and events, etc. What makes “sense” to me/us will not necessarily make “sense” to you – we are seeing things through different frameworks. Some of us will see the positive, some of us will see the negative. For others it will not matter one way or the other. Dealing with the negative: This article is aimed mainly at those who are seeing 2012 in a negative way and are seeking reassurance. Some will be individuals who often see situations in a negative way. For others, this will be the first time they have had to deal with an unknown fear, and this in itself can be frightening, as we wonder what is happening to us now. Fear, like every emotion, is not good or bad in itself. Used in the right way, and balanced against other emotions, it helps us avoid taking unnecessary risks and warns us of dangerous situations. If it gets out of balance, it can take over our lives and prevent us from fulfilling our true potential. The best way to counteract an over fearful attitude is to face the fear and to balance it with positive action. How to approach 2012: We are not speaking here to those who have already made up their minds to find ways they can survive potential disaster, (positively challenged by a negative issue) or who are working on a program of broadening their consciousness or spirituality (positively challenged by a positive issue). You know where you are going. This is for those who do not know what to do or what to believe. We give this suggestion without reference to any particular religion or creed, but it is at the heart of most of them. Simple suggestion: Follow a good life now. Live your life day by day, making the most of every single day helping others to keep an open mind in preparation to the future. When 2012 arrives, you will have traveled a road which has both strengthened you against adversity and increased your spiritual store. You will be a better person and the world around you will be a better place. Perhaps simply by doing this we can bring about a positive change. Perhaps 2012 will be no worse or no better than any other year, but you will have journeyed to it better equipped to cope with whatever happens. We will continue to tell you our thoughts about what’s going to happen as these pages continue to develop weekly. More to come, so stay tuned. How to effectively balance your fears as we get closer to 2012

The Axis of the earth is changing with our consciousness.

We will began to inform the viewers what is really going on within our solar system and how it will affect our earth. Remember those words of encouragement, remain steadfast and think positive. A diagram of the earth tilt may help you relate to what’s going on. See below:


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