The Magician

December 10, 2010

The Magician

The Magician of the major arcana tarot deck represents the active and masculine attributes in us. He is the great achiever and represents the ability to tap into universal forces and utilize them for creative purposes. The picture shows this in his stance, one arm toward the sky like a lightning rod ready to attract that universal power, and the other arm pointing down toward the earth to where this energy will be applied.

On the table rests the symbols of the four elements, (water, fire, earth, and air – represented by the suit card symbols cups, wands, pentacles, and swords respectively) which are ready to be used at a moments notice.

The magic comes in his ability to achieve things not thought possible, but it his ability to use the universal energy to achieve great things. Manifesting things out of shear will and creativity.

He is not afraid to act and this gives him the power to create great things. He has an unwavering belief in himself and is not afraid to lay it all out to prove himself. It’s the complete clarity of understanding in every situation that gives him this confidence to act immediately. His focusing ability is amazing and as long as he does not forget the source of his power, he can perform amazing feats.

If the Magician is shown in your reading, it implies that strong creative forces are there for you to use if you can act with belief and concentration. This card is a flashing light telling you to act now with confidence, provided you understand the situation you are getting yourself into.

For fans of the movie The Secret, this tarot card meaning is similar to the message in that film. That is, it is completely within your power to create and actualize your own reality through the power of your will and creativity.

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