The High Priestess

December 10, 2010

High Priestess

This card represents so many wonderful things; it’s meaning is complex, yet very simple. But so often left untouched and forgotten. It is that part of ourselves that is natural and aware that cries out from the depths of us, yet we may not understand it’s purpose nor know how to get in touch with this raw energy that is deep within us stirring and churning, awaiting us to recognize it.

The High Priestess knows there is more than meets the eye and feels there is an inner strength and energy that can be tapped into. She is aware that knowledge earned does not come by easily and must be kept secretive at times as it can be used against us or may not be used appropriately. Therefore she tends to remain secretive and quiet, reserved within and relying on her intuition to guide her path.

Yet she can not help but feel impelled to search deeper for understanding and thus the High Priestess takes us on a journey of discovering our creative life force, our feminine essence and sensuality. It leads us down a path of learning to trust our intuition and enhance our senses. It teaches us how to tap into our inner power, that sacred feminine power that is alluring and beautiful.

She also helps us to remember our past, who we were and what strengths, gifts and abilities we once held. With further discipline and practice, tapping into those past memories are accessible through getting in touch with that sacred feminine essence deep within one’s self. Allow your intuition to guide your path along the journey that is life. Looking within to discern what talents and gifts you truly have to offer the world positively.

Recognize your own power and potential by striving to get in touch with your own High Priestess and discover how you can best utilize your abilities in a beneficial way to improve your life and know what is right for you personally. She seeks to see the beauty within reflected into the world around her, she is gentle, loving and embraces life to it’s fullest. Open up to the true magic that resides deep within!

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