June 19, 2013

12_28_2012 Full Moon 009Nature at it’s best, stay tuned for a wonderful treat. How to grow a successful garden starting NOW! 1. Stand still and know I AM THAT I AM! 2. Believe in the Process 3. Keep it Simple 4.Create 5.¬†Recognize the Manifestation ¬† THAT’S IT !!! Now of course we all know to get something in life, it’s going to require some work on our part. I spent several hours working on building a country bun ken fence and so The end result is captured for your pleasure… stay tune for more to come.

The start of Alder's garden

Let us go back to the beginning of this entire magickal process. The picture presented here tell a story in it self. You will work to receive. Enjoy the starting GATE, I love generating ENERGY. We ALLBefore and After gardening with Life have many gifts and abilities to accomplish what ever is desired. There is Wisdom in the process, NATURE will in deed provide all your working tools. Stay tune for Moore to come.

Before and After gardening with Life 063

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