Coven of the Gray Whip-Poor-Will

November 20, 2010


Alder’s Coven: Choose a limb & join in:

We are honored that you are visiting our site. This web site allows us to reach YOU the people. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be open. My name is Lord Alder High Priest and Spiritual Leader. We perform community services involving many duties Spiritual insight, First Responder, Firefighter, EMT, & Recovery Diver just to name a few.

Our daily events can be overwhelming as we may be faced with many difficult challenges and obstacles. The mind continues to measure the amount of information and focuses on solutions based on life’s experiences. When you are in tuned with the cosmic order, the job becomes easier to handle. The path to Spiritual awareness and understanding must start at the beginning level. What is this beginning? You will and can find answers along with many rewards as we share this universal¬† existence.

There is a order to everything, nature shares many prime examples. From the largest flying birds to the smallest flying insects. They (birds and insects)a part of nature begin their journey in steps as they learn to fly.

Group Overview: Coven of the Gray WHip-POor-WiLL is the scion of Clan of the Ruby Falcon and member of Black Forest Family Circle and Seminary.

My first steps of spiritual awareness began during childhood attending several religious organizations under the influence of my parents. The lessons learned were to remain opened minded during the developing stages. Honor remained the focus and not judgment. We were being prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically to acknowledge and live with the wonders of this universal energy.

I teach Wicca/Pagan spirituality, using Black Forest lessons and other great sources of wisdom.

I am accepting applications from seekers wishing to study in a structured program of learning and training.

If any of this resonates with you please e-mail me concerning possible future COGWPW membership and study.
My first steps of spiritual awareness began during childhood. I attended several religious organizations under the influence of my parents. The lessons learned during this process were to remain opened minded from place to place over the years. During my developing stages there remained within a gut feeling to honor what is being presented and not to be judgmental. We were being prepared to acknowledge this universal energy of wisdom and understanding. The necessary ingredients to awaken these energies and control the flow will always remain dormant when we doubt or fear. The key word is CONTROL. This awakening process is ever so near. In fact we use these same energies throughout our life experiences. We attend to our daily responsibilities in life exercising what we perceive to be true. This is just one measure of reality how we access those powers. I have studied a great deal of philosophy.

All serious inquiries will be answered. Adults only

We shall be of the group mind

Blessed Be


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