About me


  • Born in Newark New Jersey

  • Raised in Newark NJ and on a farm of Cassatt South Carolina

  • Attended religious denominations growing up such as Roman Catholic, Seven Day Adventist, Baptist, and Pentecostal faiths just to name a few.

  • Provides service to my community as a volunteer firefighter

  • Minister of a study group

When Alder was a boy, he like to make up his own sayings “Keep an opened mind” was one of them – As he grew older, a strong sense of Self-Reliance and responsibility – To his family, his community, and his country – Shaped Alder’s character. It gave him a quiet strength that helped him direct the course of spiritual development. Alder grew up in South Carolina on a farm as a young man and after returning to New Jersey as a young adult, he learned a skillful trade. Alder was 29 years old when he decided to study the craft and became initiated in Qabalah’s esoteric metaphysics.

In 2013 Alder completed his clergy studies and was ordained in accordance with the Policies and Bylaws of the Sacred Order of the Black Forest under the leadership of Silver RavenWolf. Alder continues serving the community with a weekly Spiritual Study Group. Alder works with Spiritual concepts to empower the mind, soul, and body. Astrology, Qabalah, and Wicca are studied and measured by way of test to assure the student is confident in his or her growth.



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